Basic Tactical Rappelling

Pre-Requisites: Must be in Law Enforcement, Military or a Special Response Unit.

A Certificate of completion from, Mountain Rope Safety Courses

Class Hours: Friday-Sunday 8AM-5PM (EST) or
                    Monday- Wednesday 8AM-5PM (EST)

Lodging: Free @ Signal Mountain, TN. Site.
Cost: $300.00 per student

Schedule: Please click here for available dates.

Registration: Please click here for registration and payment options.

  • This is an entry level class for beginners and more experienced personnel.

  • The course begins with a thorough lecture about equipment, maintenance, safety procedures, communication, anchoring systems, basic knots, bends and hitches utilized for basic tactical rappel systems.

  • Personnel will rig and use their own ropes for rappelling and practice right and left hand braking, transition from rappel to ascending rope, upright, inverted rappels and quick evacuation techniques on rope.

  • There will be various edge transition techniques along with maneuvering weapons while on rope as well as basic window surveillance techniques.

  • All of these skills will then be performed with full response gear and donned gas mask with weapons engaged (unloaded weapons) while on rappel.

Should your department need on- site training and something specific for your jurisdiction we will travel.

Please contact Pat Wagner