• This is an entry-level class for beginners and more experienced rope rescue personnel.

  • Class meets and exceeds the National Fire Protection Associations’ (N.F.P.A.) Awareness Level for rope rescue standards outlined in 1670 & Level 1 of 1006.

  • Thorough equipment familiarization and safety lecture

  • “Hands-on” experience and knowledged obtained through most of the class.

  • Students will gain knowledge in knots used in rope rescue, anchoring techniques, raising and lowering mechanical advantage systems, patient tie-in to the litter, low angle litter rigging and multiple low angle rescues

Pre-Requisites: None

This class is approved by the Tennessee Commission on Fire Fighting Personnel Standards and Education (Specialized Training Credit towards Educational Incentive Pay)

  • A Certificate of completion from, Mountain Rope Safety Courses

Class Hours: see schedule (20 Hours)
       Friday  7PM-9PM & Saturday-Sunday 8AM-5PM or
       Monday 12PM-5PM & Tuesday-Wednesday 8AM-5PM

Lodging: Free @ Signal Mountain, TN. Site.

Cost: $200.00 per student @ Signal Mountain, TN. Site
Contact: Pat Wagner for your department site training cost. 
              E-Mail: pwagner410@epbfi.com

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Should your department need on- site training and something specific for your jurisdiction we will travel.

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