• This class is for entry-level personnel and more experienced rope rescuers.
  • This class meets the National Fire Protection Associations’ (N.F.P.A.) Awareness & Operations Level for rope rescue standards outlined in 1670 & most of Level II Rope Rescue outlined in N.F.P.A. 1006 Ch.6.1-6.2.4 (Sections 6.2.5-6.2.6 Highline Systems in the Rope Rescue Technician Course).
  • Topics covered: Safety, Communications, Equipment Use & Care, Knot Tying, Anchoring, Rappelling, Belaying, Passing Knots, Understanding & Utilizing Mechanical Advantage Systems, Pick-Off Rescues, Patient Tie-In to Litter, Low Angle & High Angle Litter Rigging, Multiple Low & High Angle Rescue Scenarios, Self- Rescue, Re-Directs and Critical Angles. 
  • This class can be taken in 5 days or Two Weekends.
  • Students should have their own transportation, food, drinks each day. An ATV or willingness to walk 6 miles round trip into back-country, is highly suggested!

Pre-Requisites: None 


MRSC Provides: All gear used during class will be provided including harnesses, helmets, rope hardware etc. Upon registration and payment a confirmation letter will be e-mailed or mailed to the student which will include information concerning lodging, directions and what students should bring to class. A printed Manual will be provided each student.

This class is approved by the Tennessee Commission on Fire Fighting Personnel Standards and Education (Specialized Training Credit towards Educational Incentive Pay)

 ·         A Certificate of completion from, Mountain Rope Safety Courses

 ·         A Certificate of completion from, the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads, (TARS) Rescue College

 ·         1 C.E.U. is awarded for EMS personnel by TARS.
*TN. Firefighter 1 personnel are eligable for Pro-Qual & IFSAC certification in Rope 1 by passing the practical & written exam in TN. with an additional fee of $17.50. Order Manual for this Testing with 25% discount & advantage learning with manual:     


Class Hours: Two Weekend Ops.(40 Hours) 
Friday 7PM-11PM; Saturday 8AM-6PM; Sunday 8AM-6PM each weekend Cost: $400.00

Class Hours: Five Day Ops. Class(40 Hours)
 Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM Cost: $400.00

Lodging: Free @ the Signal Mountain, TN. Site.


Schedule: Please click here for available dates.


Registration: Please click here for registration and payment options.

Should your department need on- site training and something specific for your jurisdiction we will travel.

Please contact Pat Wagner